CAMPION, Stephanie, BA, Grad. Dip. Teach., RSA Cert. TEFL

Project management, copy editing, manuscript development, e-publishing, proofreading.

t: 00353 899524869
m: 00353 899524869

Special interests:
Education, academic, society, history, Irish studies, German language teaching, fiction, politics, art, women’s issues, environment, architecture, travel, law, investment, engineering.

I am Australian with Irish citizenship and moved to Ireland in 2013. Before entering publishing, I worked as a German teacher and English/ESL teacher for six years. In publishing, I worked as an in-house editor with education/academic publisher, Pergamon Press, and as Senior Editor of the Harcourt Brace & World School Division. I have extensive experience as a home-based freelance editor, with extended periods of in-house contract employment with John Wiley & Sons and the Queensland Studies Authority.

Insurance Institute of Ireland: Editorial Project Coordinator, Professional Diploma in Insurance textbooks, PDI-01 to PDI-07, plus examination papers; Editor, Management Diploma in Insurance textbooks, MDI-01 and MDI-04.

Editor, school textbooks (post-primary):, Folens, CJ Fallon and Gill and McMillan.

Queensland Studies Authority, Brisbane: In-house editing of curriculum, resource, testing and corporate materials for the QSA website.