GREENWOOD, Gloria, BA (Hons)

Copy-editor, proofreader, indexer, rewriter

Co Cork
t. 028 38259
f. 028 38004

Special interests:
Literary criticism, film, feminism, education, literature, academic texts, music, science journals.

Sixteen years’ freelance editing, proofreading and indexing.

Work undertaken:
Editing and proofreading on hard copy or disk (Apple Mac), indexing; typesetting service in-house.

Copy-editing & Proofreading: Atlas of Cork City, Cork University Press 2005; Gray and Gallagher, Barnacle Soup, Blackstaff Press 2007; Ungoed-Thomas, Jasper Wolfe of Skibbereen, Collins Press 2008.
Indexing: Gillespie and Refaussée, The Medieval Manuscripts of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Four Courts 2006; Fanning and Gillespie, Print Culture and Intellectual Life in Ireland, Woodfield 2006.