KEARNS, Bernadette, BA (Hons)

Developmental and structural editor, copy-editor, proofreader, ghostwriter

Book Nanny Writing and Editing Services
m: +353 (0) 85 888 7253

Professional Memberships: Member of AFEPI Ireland

Languages: German

Special Interests:
All commercial and literary  fiction; specialist in crime fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal and magical realism, and middle grade children’s/young YA fiction (ages 8-14). Creative non-fiction and self-help: theatre, film, drama and acting, performance studies and research, literature, general arts and culture.

Work Undertaken:
Fiction: Developmental, substantive and structural editing; copy-editing and proofreading; manuscript critiques and reader’s reports; ghostwriting; author mentoring and coaching.
Business: Copy-editing, proof-editing and proofreading for law, finance, training, culture and arts sectors.

I have worked as a freelance editor since 2013. I combine an understanding of story structure and the writing process gained from my experiences as an actor and writer with core editorial skills to help authors strengthen and develop their storytelling, writing craft and individual voice. I also have over 20 years’ business experience as a legal executive and administrator, working in-house and freelance, in publishing, arts, law and finance sectors in London and Dublin.

Fiction: Sineaid Doyle, Mary Wolftide (Turn of the Tide, Book 1) (2014) and Stone-tide (Turn of the Tide, Book 2) (2015) [YA Historical Fantasy]; Graham Stull, The Hydra (2015) [Speculative Thriller]; Chloe Walsh, Blurring Lines (2015) and Always (2015) [Romance-New Adult]; Nikki Ashton, Cheese Tarts and Fluffy Socks (2015) and Roman’s Having Sex Again (2017) [Romance]; Ged Gillmore, Cats Undercover (2016) [MG Humorous Fantasy Adventure] and the Bill Murdoch Australian noir crime series: Headland (2017), Class Act (2018) [longlisted for the Australian Crime Writers Association's Ned Kelly  Awards for Best Crime 2018], Base Nature (2018) [Crime].

‘… a skilled editor like Bernadette Kearns brings a book into sharp focus. Her craft lies not only in meticulous attention to detail, but in her ability to get inside the story and the characters. This combination of skill and craft ensures an edit that completes a work.’  (S. Doyle)