Editor, copy-editor, proofreader

49 Mount Prospect Avenue,
Dublin 3
m. 086 8541087
e. eoin@obrien.ie

Special interests:
Music, popular culture, audio books, history, politics, biography, Northern Ireland, Dublin, reports.

Fifteen years’ experience as editor with The O’Brien Press Ltd., most of this involving complete project management, in all genres from children’s picture books through teenage fiction to adult biography and historical works, true crime, reference books, walking guides, crossword books and poetry collections, as well as resource materials for schools and web and advertising materials. Recording and production of several audio books. Editor-in-residence at SMARTlab, a research institute housed at University College, Dublin.

Work undertaken:
Editing, project management, ghost writing, proofreading; writing of publicity, resource and web materials; also audio editing, recording and production.

Peter Pearson, The Heart of Dublin: Resurgence of an Historic City, O’Brien Press; Thomas Kinsella, A Dublin Documentary, O’Brien Press; Paul Williams, Gangland: The Shocking Exposé of the Criminal Underworld, O’Brien Press; Sean Boyne, Gunrunners: The Covert Arms Trail to Ireland, O’Brien Press; Brendan Anderson, Joe Cahill: A Life in the IRA, O’Brien Press; Greg Harkin, Stakeknife: Britain’s Secret Agents in Ireland, O’Brien Press; Kíla, Kíla Foinn, Kíla Records; doctoral theses for Dr Halina Gottlieb and Dr Camille Baker; audio books: Faraway Home, O’Brien Press; Sos 1 agus 2, O’Brien Press; The Mammy and The Chisellers, O’Brien Press.