O’DWYER, Máire, BCL, H. Dip. in Eur. Law, H. Dip. in Com. Sc., Solicitor

Copy-editor, proofreader, researcher, writer 

Dun Laoghaire
County Dublin

T. 00 353 86 057 4774
E. editor@perfectlywrite.eu
W. www.perfectlywrite.eu

Special interests:
Public sector, legal and academic, technical quality assurance. Expertise in law and information technology. Other areas of special interest include European law, human rights, history and heritage, education, and the community and voluntary sector.

Freelance copy-editor, proofreader, researcher and writer in all areas of business, the humanities and information technology since 2013. I am a qualified solicitor with eight years’ experience in the legal sector. I have wide experience of the public sector and legal landscape in Ireland, as well as of European law and human rights law. I hold a Post-graduate Diploma in European law as well as the degree of Bachelor of Civil Law and the Solicitor’s Professional Qualification. I also hold a Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Science, and have eight years’ experience in the information technology sector as a software designer with Ericsson Ireland. I currently undertake regular technical quality assurance work with a major IT and digital advisory company.

Work undertaken:
Copy-editing, substantive editing and proofreading; drafting, writing and re-writing; research, including legal research; web copy-writing; technical quality assurance.

Public sector: Irish Penal Reform Trust: Progress in the Penal System 2018; School of Law, NUIG: eConveyancing and Title Registration in Ireland (forthcoming); Irish Fiscal Advisory Council: Fiscal Assessment Report, June 2018 and November 2017, https://www.fiscalcouncil.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Fiscal-Assessment-Report-November-2017.pdf; Commission for Energy Regulation, Energy Safety Annual Report 2016; Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy: Introductory chapter for monograph: Loss of Homes and Evictions across Europe: A Comparative Legal and Policy Examination; Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy: Access to Justice and the ECB, http://www.nuigalway.ie/media/housinglawrightsandpolicy/files/Access-to-Justice-and-the-ECB-Report-CHLRP-2018.pdf; Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research (UCD; HANI), Statistical research report (forthcoming); Institute of Public Health in Ireland, Statistical research report: Longstanding health conditions among three-year-old children in the Republic of Ireland; Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland: Commissioned report;
Legal: S. Panesar, Pearson Education: Exploring Equity and Trusts; J. Neo (ed.), Routledge/Taylor & Francis: Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore;
History/Irish culture: Carnegie/Liverpool University Press: Studia Hibernica (journal);
Community and voluntary sector: Briefing Paper 2: Public Provision of Home Care in Ireland – Update, 2018,  http://www.carealliance.ie/userfiles/file/Briefing%20Paper%202%20Web.pdf;
IT and digital: Intuitus Advisory: technical due diligence reports (technical quality assurance).

Clients include:
Irish Penal Reform Trust; Irish Fiscal Advisory Council; Commission for Energy Regulation; Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy; Centre for Support and Training in Analysis and Research (UCD); Institute of Public Health in Ireland; Enterprise Ireland; Care Alliance Ireland; Intuitus Advisory; John Wiley & Sons Ltd.