Privacy Policy

The Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland) is an unincorporated non-profit membership organisation which advocates for, protects and promotes the interests of freelance editors, proofreaders and indexers on the island of Ireland. We are governed by a Constitution (last updated March 2017), and the day-to-day administration is carried out by a voluntary Executive Committee of a chair, a vice-chair and a treasurer. It is supported by a Membership sub-committee.

AFEPI Ireland does not collect any email addresses or IP addresses from visitors to our website. We do not pass any information on to third-parties.

We use Google Analytics to monitor general traffic to the website in order to see how many visitors we get each year, what countries they’re from, how long our visitors stay on the site and which pages they visit most often. This allows us to improve the website content for the benefit of our members and visitors.
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What happens to your information if you apply to join AFEPI Ireland

As a membership organisation, we must ask you to complete an application form in order to assess whether or not you meet our criteria for membership. The membership application form requests information such as your postal address, email address, and information about your career to date. We do not ask about gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability, or religious/political affiliations.

Membership applications are assessed in confidence by a five-person Membership Committee who are themselves bound by a confidentiality agreement. The Executive Committee may also have access to your application in order to process it.

No information you supply during the application process is shared with third parties.

If your membership application is successful, some of your personal information – your name, postal address and email address – will be passed to the Treasurer, who requires this information in order to process the membership fees. A separate privacy policy is sent to all new members when they join AFEPI Ireland.

If your application to AFEPI Ireland is unsuccessful or you decide to turn down a membership offer, your information will be deleted from our records immediately.

This privacy policy is reviewed annually. If you have any queries about this privacy policy, please contact either Averill Buchanan ( or Bernadette Kearns (