Editor, project manager, publishers’ reader, script consultant

Dublin 6
e. djinnvn@gmail.com


Fluent French and German

Special interests:
Literary fiction, biography, memoir, history, art history, philosophy, civil engineering

Fifteen years’ experience, in-house and freelance, in Ireland and the UK: currently editor at the Lilliput Press; reader and editor for the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency; previously project editor at Dorling Kindersley Children’s Books, London

Work undertaken:
Every aspect of the editorial process: copy-editing and proofreading; manuscript evaluation and reader’s reports; structural edits, writing/rewriting

Joe Hone, Wicked Little Joe; Richard McNeff, With Barry Flanagan: Travels Through Time and Spain; Ruth Delaney, The Shannon Navigation; Richard Pine, Charles: The Life and World of Charles Acton; Kevin Casey, A State of Mind; Walter Ellis, The Caravaggio Conspiracy; Ciaran Carty, Intimacy With Strangers; Mike Scott, Adventures of a Waterboy; Hector McDonnell, A Little History of Ireland; Enrique Juncosa, The Irish Years; Alastair Campbell, The Irish Diaries; Fergus Mulligan, William Dargan; Paul Clements, Romancing Ireland – Richard Hayward (all Lilliput Press, 2007-14); Scott Langley, Karate Stupid (self-published, 2012); Susan Ryan, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud: The First Thirty Years (Hospice Press, 2011).